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We’re Hosting A Facebook Chat On The Economy

We’re expanding our Facebook chats. Nate Silver can’t always be in the hot seat, and we also want to zero in on specific fields of interest. First up? The economy. FiveThirtyEight’s chief economics writer, Ben Casselman, and its quantitative editor, Andrew Flowers, will answer readers’ questions on our Facebook page Wednesday at 12:30 Eastern time.

Before joining FiveThirtyEight, Casselman, wrote about the economy for The Wall Street Journal. He’s most interested in chatting about jobs, income inequality, education, energy and demographics. Flowers, who previously worked as an economic analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, is looking forward to discussions about the Fed, economic inequality, Greece and taxes. Of course, any topics are welcome.

Here’s some of their work:

About an hour before the chat, we’ll open a comment thread to questions. Note: You must have a Facebook account to post a question. We will not be taking questions in the comments below.

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