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Chat With Nate Silver And Harry Enten About 2016!

It’s been an exciting week for the 2016 election — with Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio, we have our first real, official contenders for the Democratic and Republican primaries, respectively. So we’ll be hosting a Facebook chat on Thursday with our editor in chief, Nate Silver, and our senior writer and analyst for politics, Harry Enten. Are you curious about who’s most likely to be Clinton’s biggest challenger? Or how this election will be different from 2012? Or maybe you just want to hear about our latest totally subjective odds.

Whatever your question is, head over to our Facebook page around noon EDT, when we’ll open a comment thread for questions. Nate and Harry will start answering them at 12:30 p.m., and we’ll do our best to get to as many questions as possible.

Note: You must have a Facebook account to post a question, and we will not be taking questions in the comments below.

Hayley Munguia is a former social media editor and a data reporter for FiveThirtyEight.