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George Pataki’s Hopeless Campaign, In One Chart

George Pataki has decided to end his presidential bid. Pataki is a serious person with a long, successful career in politics, including three terms as New York’s governor. But his bid for the Republican nomination was doomed from the start, and he never got off the ground.

So, as we’ve been doing with all the 2016 candidates who have dropped out, let’s take one last look at Pataki’s campaign. I’ve combined Pataki’s national poll numbers with those from Iowa and New Hampshire:


In the 221 polls that asked about Pataki, he registered 0 percent 149 times. He earned more than 1 percent just 10 times and more than 2 percent only once.

Put another way, you could add up Pataki’s support in every national, Iowa and New Hampshire poll and not reach 100 percentage points. His sum is only 83, or what Donald Trump gets through the summing of about two national polls these days.

Whom does Pataki’s dropping out benefit?

Dhrumil Mehta contributed research.

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