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What Went Down On Super Tuesday


Four states with large black primary electorates (at least 20 percent) have all been called for Biden, so I took a look at the vote breakdown among that group and how much weight they had in those contests. Biden won at least 60 percent of black voters in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, while no other candidate won more than 20 percent. Even though Bloomberg had seemingly made gains among black voters only a couple weeks ago, their support for him has not panned out in these states.

Black voters have been behind Biden on Super Tuesday

Vote share by candidate among black voters in called Super Tuesday states with large black share of electorates, according to preliminary exit poll data

State (% Black) Biden Sanders Bloomberg Warren
Alabama (44%) 72% 12% 9% 4%
North Carolina (27%) 63 16 10 5
Virginia (27%) 71 16 7 5
Tennessee (26%) 62 18 12 4