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What Went Down In Super Bowl LII Filed under Super Bowl LII

Geoff Foster 10:59 PM Thanks For Reading

Super Bowl LII was the perfect combination of the predictable and the unexpected. We knew the Patriots defense might struggle, we knew that the Patriots offense would not and we could have bet that a pivotal moment would come down to vagaries of the NFL catch rule. What we didn’t know was that New England would be denied its sixth Super Bowl despite breaking the record for most yardage gained. Even more so, we didn’t know that 40-year-old future Hall of Famer and possible NFL GOAT Tom Brady would be outplayed by Nick Foles, Philadelphia’s backup quarterback turned Super Bowl MVP.

It was a categorically strange game in a lot of respects. There was one punt. Both teams missed extra points. Brady dropped a key first-down pass on a trick play. Foles caught a touchdown pass on a decisive fourth down. Ironically, the game in which there was no defense to speak of for 58 minutes was decided when Brandon Graham finally got to Brady and forced a fumble. It was the first sack of the game by either team. After padding their lead to 8 points, the Eagles could finally rejoice when a last ditch Hail Mary dropped in the end zone. The city of Philadelphia could finally celebrate. It’s been a long time coming.

Thank you for joining us. Per FiveThirtyEight live blog tradition, here are our fake headlines from tomorrow’s papers from tonight’s staff:

Kyle (for the Philly papers): Has Anyone Seen The Mayor’s Pants?

Neil (Philly): FOLES IS GOD

Geoff: Wentz: Foles Was An Amazing Short-Term Option, Right? Right?

Tony (Philly): Rocky Statue Replaced With Foles

Andrea (Philly): We’re Better Than That Other City That Is Also Near New York But Thinks It’s Great

Meena (Boston): There’s Always Last Year

Walt (Boston): Dynasty Ends As Heads Defeats Tails In Dramatic Coin Flip

Ty (Boston): “They Never Should Have Let Vinatieri Leave” by Bob Ryan

Micah (Philly): AT LAST!

Neil (Boston): Pats Robbed On Multiple Questionable Calls

Tony (Boston): Local Cat Found

Ty Schalter 10:43 PM

No wonder the Eagles won. They gained the magic number of total net yards: 538.

Micah Cohen 10:41 PM

Anyone else mostly excited that someone just said the phrase “grande jeté” on national television? Just me?

Geoff Foster 10:23 PM

Hey, thanks for watching, don’t forget, Olympics start this week. We haven’t mentioned that yet tonight.

Tony Chow 10:23 PM

Neil, do you think we can expense a trip to the parade?

Geoff Foster 10:21 PM

True. When you don’t care, you get greedy.

Kyle Wagner 10:21 PM

Lots of ways for Eagles haters to accept this win. For one, Carson Wentz will never, ever play a season in peace.

Ty Schalter 10:20 PM

That was a pretty great moment anyway, Geoff.

Geoff Foster 10:20 PM

100 percent Foles MVP.

Tony Chow 10:20 PM

Nick Foles MVP?

Kyle Wagner 10:20 PM

Or Brady looking for Moss up the right sideline in 07, Geoff.

Tony Chow 10:19 PM


Geoff Foster 10:19 PM

Oh my, that was close. That’s like the Gordon Hayward halfcourt shot that rimmed out against Duke. Great moments in sports that never happened.

Ty Schalter 10:19 PM

No GM has EVER won a coach/GM power struggle the way Howie Roseman did and cashed in like this. His coach, his players, his way.

Walt Hickey 10:18 PM

Darkest timeline.

Kyle Wagner 10:18 PM

Now to destroy the city of Philadelphia in celebration!

Neil Paine 10:17 PM



Geoff Foster 10:17 PM

I honestly don’t remember a Super Bowl that ended on a Hail Mary attempt.

Ty Schalter 10:16 PM

Gronk almost Gronked the Pats out of the Super Bowl. Cutting inside there was death-defying.

I don’t really follow football and am extremely tense right now. I can’t imagine how actual fans survive this stuff.

Kyle Wagner 10:16 PM

This drive looks a loooot different if Hogan makes that catch on the first play.

Kyle Wagner 10:15 PM

I don’t get that protection by the Pats last series. They’re rubbing their tight ends off the line instead of having them protect, and Eagles were getting there with four.

Geoff Foster 10:15 PM

Two much real estate in front of them for those kinds of plays.

Neil Paine 10:14 PM

The Eagles pass rush has really shown up in these last two minutes.

Geoff Foster 10:13 PM

But even if it is clean, it’s only Burkhead you are giving it to.

Kyle Wagner 10:13 PM

So I guess the call was bad, because of course the kick was going to be shallow.

Kyle Wagner 10:12 PM

I think the call was fine, but they hadn’t practiced it on such a shallow kick.

Geoff Foster 10:12 PM

Wow, what a bad call that was.


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