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Who’s Trying To Buy An Academy Award?

Just before the Academy Award nominations came out, I did a census of all the “For Your Consideration” advertisements that ran in the print editions of Variety magazine and The Hollywood Reporter. It’s always hard to assign a numerical value to the squishy idea of Oscar campaigning, but this census lets us estimate how much financial support various productions are getting when it comes to wooing the Academy.

While naked campaigning calms down considerably after the nominations are announced — no, seriously, it got so bad that rules had to be drawn up — Oscar nominees are still taking out loads of print ads in support of their bids. The leader since nominations were announced Jan. 24? “Arrival,” which, despite a snubby lockout in the acting categories, tied for the second-most overall nominations this year thanks to a deep bench in the techie prizes.

Looking at ad space purchased per nomination, “Kubo and the Two Strings,” nominated for best animated feature and best visual effects, and “Elle,” whose star Isabelle Huppert has a best actress nomination, are leagues ahead of the pack.

Here are the biggest print campaigners, ranked by total square inches of advertising bought in the two trades since the nominations:

Arrival 8 3,113 389
Manchester by the Sea 6 2,776 463
Kubo and the Two Strings 2 2,528 1,264
La La Land 14 2,307 165
Moonlight 8 1,442 180
Hidden Figures 3 1,436 479
Elle 1 1,208 1,208
Trolls 1 922 922
13th 1 705 705
Toni Erdmann 1 694 694
Fences 4 662 165
Hacksaw Ridge 6 537 90
Hell or High Water 4 532 133
La Femme et le TGV 1 526 526
Moana 2 470 235
Zootopia 1 470 470
Captain Fantastic 1 467 467
My Life as a Zucchini 1 407 407
Ad space in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter since nominations were announced

Minimum 400 square inches of “For Your Consideration” advertising purchased.

Sources: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter

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