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We’re Hiring An NFL Writer

FiveThirtyEight is seeking a data-savvy reporter to lead our coverage of the NFL. We’re looking for an enthusiastic writer who is well-versed in the game and all of its numbers — traditional statistics, advanced metrics and even deeper data (such as game-charting and player-tracking stats) that have emerged in recent seasons. The ideal candidate will have a deep knowledge of all 32 teams and be able to show a command of football tactics, play-calling and strategy — in addition to the salary cap, the NFL draft and league history.

In short, we want someone who understands the best way to evaluate coaches, players and teams and can use data to help readers understand the game.

This writer will anchor our NFL coverage throughout the regular season and offseason. This will likely entail writing analysis of each weekend’s storylines — from Week 1 through the Super Bowl — as well as enterprise projects that contain original research. The ideal candidate will be able to pose thought-provoking questions about the league and where it is heading, whether in a quick news story or a deeply reported feature. He or she should be attuned to the national conversation surrounding the NFL at any given moment and be comfortable weighing in on off-field issues with a data-driven approach. This writer must be able to gather and wield large sets of data and know the best metrics to assess player performance. An interest in creating new statistics or new ways to interpret old ones is a plus.

The ideal candidate would have experience covering the sport or an NFL team for a newspaper, magazine, website or major media outlet. Knowledge or general interest in covering college football would also be a benefit.

If interested, please send inquiries to with the phrase “NFL Writer” in the subject line.