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We’re Hiring A Copy Chief

FiveThirtyEight is hiring a copy chief, a senior editor who will oversee the flow and production of articles onto the website. In addition to copyediting many of our stories, the copy chief will supervise the copy editors who read and check every article and graphic (and help write the headlines) before publication.

The duties of this position will include working with story editors and graphics editors to schedule each article, distributing articles and graphics to copy editors and managing workload, and copy editing and fact-checking articles, preparing them for publication.

The basic qualifications for the job are:

  • Five years of experience as an editor in print or digital journalism, at least half of which has been as a manager.
  • Experience editing breaking news, features and projects, as well as social media and Web production.
  • Familiarity with quantitative journalism, statistics and data.

The preferred qualifications are:

  • Ten years experience as an editor in print and digital journalism, including five years as a manager, at a recognized national or regional publication or website.
  • Demonstrated expertise in editing breaking news and features, along with several major projects, with an emphasis on quantitative journalism. Editing and reporting experience should include politics, sports, or one of the other subjects FiveThirtyEight regularly covers.
  • A background in social media and a proven understanding of the technical and product aspects of running a website.
  • Experience managing and evaluating staff members.

To apply, please visit the ESPN careers website.

David Firestone is FiveThirtyEight’s former managing editor.