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Today’s Polls, 4/18

Four polls today on the general election side, but none of them are particularly newsworthy.

In Indiana, SurveyUSA conducted a poll on behalf of the Mike Downs Center (Real Clear Politics lists the poll as “Downs Center”, but the field work was done by SurveyUSA, and so that’s how we’ll list it). John McCain leads Barack Obama by 7 points, and Hillary Clinton by 11. Although Obama could conceivably win Indiana on a good Election Day, its demographics — amorphous as they are — probably aren’t as favorable to him as other “reach” states like North Carolina or Montana. It does make a token appearance toward the bottom of his Swing State list, however. The more interesting result is on the Democratic primary side, where SurveyUSA now shows Obama with a 5 point lead after having trailed by 16 points just days ago.

SurveyUSA also has a poll out in Washington: Obama +13, Clinton +3. Although the topline number is better for Obama, Clinton goes from being a slight underdog against John McCain to a slight favorite on the strength of this survey.

And briefly: Quinnipiac has Clinton up 12 in her adopted home state of New York; Obama leads by 8. And Rasmussen — video only at this time — has Obama up by 3, but Clinton trailing by 14 in Colorado. Each of those surveys serves to correct recent polls that appeared to be outliers in each state (TargetPoint in CO, Marist in NY), but are otherwise fairly consistent with our long-term averages.

Nate Silver founded and was the editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.