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Today’s Polls, 3/16

Just one new poll on Selection Sunday, and it’s a relatively boring one, with Rasmussen showing Obama beating McCain by 13 points, and Clinton beating him by 12, in the state of New York.

Neither Democrat is at risk of losing the state in a competitive election. However, this result is somewhat worse than other recent New York polls for Clinton. Rasmussen says that “the survey was conducted on Tuesday night at the height of the furor surrounding former Governor Eliot Spitzer”, and it’s possible that this depressed her numbers some.

Oh, and Public Policy Polling has UNC leading Duke 40-24 in North Carolina.

UPDATE: Well, just as I was flipping the charts and graphs on the site, another new Rasmussen poll came online from Florida, this one showing McCain beating Obama by 3 in the Sunshine State, but Clinton by 7. This is the first Florida poll that has shown Obama faring better than Clinton. It raises Obama’s Win % in Florida to 25% and lowers Clinton’s to 38%. It also sends Clinton’s national win percentage against McCain below the 40% threshold for the first time since our Beta Test report on 2/26.

Nate Silver founded and was the editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.