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The Royal And Ancient Golf Club Finally Admits Women. Where Else Can They Still Not Go?

After 260 solid years of patriarchal organization, Scotland’s prestigious Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews voted Thursday to admit female members for the first time. Peter Dawson, secretary of the club, said in a news release that three-quarters of the 2,400 male members participated in the vote, and 85 percent were in favor of allowing women access to their pristine grounds. That still leaves about 270 very “Ancient” men who didn’t want to relinquish their old boys’ club.

It’s not exactly a giant step forward in gender equality. But the occasion had us wondering what clubs, venues, events and geographic locales continue to disallow women in 2014. A very incomprehensive list follows; please add more places in the comments.

  1. The Muirfield golf club in Scotland
  2. The Royal St. George’s golf club in England
  3. Members-only clubs in the U.S., such as New York’s Holland Society, New York’s Racquet and Tennis Club and Maryland’s Burning Tree Country Club
  4. Men’s-only grooming clubs and nail salons
  5. Mount Athos in Greece (“Sows, cows and ewes, even chickens were expelled.”)
  6. This Florida Republican’s fundraiser
  7. Iranian national volleyball team games
  8. The back of a motorbike in certain Indonesian cities
  9. The front lines of battle (for many women in the world)
  10. This Canadian doctor’s office (not that women would want to be there)

Allison McCann is a former visual journalist for FiveThirtyEight.