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The Number of Beautiful People on Capitol Hill: 50

The Hill, an inside-the-beltway political newspaper, is out with its annual listing of the alleged 50 hottest people working in D.C. It’s a Washington tradition in which members of an industry predicated on avoiding the press talk about how best to avoid gluten.

You can see the list on The Hill’s website. But in the interest of time, we’ve compiled the major stats you need to know from the piece, Harper’s Index-style.

Number of Democrats: 24

Number of Republicans: 18

Number of Washington politicos attempting to convince us that they — no, really — don’t have an affiliation: 8

Number who seriously believe that: 0

Number of unaffiliated people who host a show for Fox News: 1

Median age: 29

Number of people 25 or younger: 13

Number who are single: 20

Number who are married, engaged or in a relationship: 28

Notoriously coy senators who said they were merely “unmarried”: 1

People who wore a pin on their lapel: 6

Number of those pins that were flag pins: 2

People who, by D.C. standards, are probably not patriots: 48

Profiles that mention the subject’s dog: 4

Profiles that mention the subject’s cat: 0

Profiles that mention “gluten”: 2

Profiles that mention the person’s gym: 18

People who claim to do yoga: 5

People who claim to lift: 3

People who “run”: 22

People who merely “jog”: 1

Walt Hickey was FiveThirtyEight’s chief culture writer.