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Tell Us The Political Belief You’re Scared To Share With Friends

What political belief are you scared to share with your friends?

Today’s partisan politics aren’t confined to Congress or cable; they can be intensely personal. Americans’ sense of political correctness has sharpened, partisan bubbles are a growing concern — between friends and algorithms what we read and interact with can essentially be predetermined — and Twitter only serves to amplify the loudest partisan voices in the room.

FiveThirtyEight wants to explore that dynamic by hearing from you. We want to know about the political opinion you’re most nervous about sharing with otherwise like-minded people. What’s the closely held belief you don’t talk about in social settings, because you’re worried how it will go against the grain? Is it who you voted for in the last election? How you feel about socialism? Do you think gerrymandering isn’t so bad? Does your stance on abortion fall outside the mainstream belief of your friend group?

We want to talk — anonymously, if you choose — about that political opinion, where it comes from and why you feel uncomfortable talking about it in public. If you’re interested in talking more about it, please fill out this form1 and we might get in touch:


  1. Note: The google form automatically collects an email address.

Clare Malone is a former senior political writer for FiveThirtyEight.