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St. Paul: Wednesday Night Liveblog #3: Rudy

9:11 CDT: [Sean] Rudy: “… And I accept your nomination to be the Republican candidate for President of the United States!”

9:11 CDT: [Sean] Palin’s going to have to sprint through this speech to finish in prime time. “More executive experience than the entire Democratic ticket combined.” Doesn’t pass the laugh test.

9:11 CDT: [Sean] Public financing. Rudy’s emptying the chamber tonight. Flip-flopping? This is where they want to go? The crowd loves the attack. Here comes Rudy saying Obama wants to win an election rather than winning a war.

9:11 CDT: [Nate] …and a very sarcastic line about Hillary. They’re really speaking to the base tonight. Still, I think this is the best speech of the night so far.

9:11 CDT: [Sean] Rudy actually speaking at 9:11 local time. C-Span finds the two black audience members wildly cheering the Obama resume slamming. This is a harsh attack. Nate’s right. You can’t claim victimhood and put this out there. The delegates are eating it up, loving the red-meat savaging of Obama (by far the most direct assault of the convention), but I don’t think it works right before the Sarah Palin speech.

9:11 CDT: [Sean] Open contemptuous mocking of community organizing. Wow, terrible read of the national mood.

9:11 CDT: [Sean] “Hollywood celebrities?” Hey, I remember the 1988 election too.

9:11 CDT: [Sean] We’ll be changing the thread timing in a few minutes when it catches up.