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St. Paul: Tuesday Night Liveblog #2

10:18 CDT: [Nate]. The CNN pundits — Candy Crowley excepted — are critiquing the Republicans for being too “political” in the wake of Hurricane Gustav. I’m not really sure I buy that. In a world where there is a new news cycle every six hours, Gustav was something that happened four news cycles ago. And the Republicans played it pretty safe — just a couple of indirect and fairly generic hits against Obama. Nothing below the belt. Then again, it may not be Gustav that’s boxing them in, but the fact that Sarah Palin really renders their primary critique of Obama moot.

10:10 CDT: [Sean] The emotional centerpiece of the night was clearly Thompson giving McCain’s bio. Sure, he’s a professional actor, but he did that part very well. He was less effective hitting Obama (and the Democratic Congress), as that part actually read better on paper. As for Lieberman, I’m less convinced that his bipartisanship schtick sells. People don’t think the country is in bad shape due to partisanship, they think it’s George W. Bush’s fault. Maybe his act would’ve sold better in the Gingrich-Clinton government shutdown era.

10:01 CDT: [Nate] Grades: GWB A- (hell yes, there’s a curve), Thompson A-, Lieberman C.

9:59 CDT: [Sean] Somewhere, Zell Miller is rolling in his grave, my friends.

9:58 CDT: [Nate] Last couple of minutes of this speech have been better. “Speaking directly” to Democrats and independents may have woken them up from their slumber.

9:55 CDT: [Nate] It’s more in the delivery than in the message, but I’d challenge any conservative who thinks this speech is working to a polygraph test.

9:51 CDT: [Sean] “Eloquence is no substitute for a record.” Fortunately for Joe, Harry Reid doesn’t have the guts to kick him out of the caucus, despite the rules established to keep Dems in the committee chairs if Republicans get their 50th caucus member.

9:43 CDT: [Nate] I think Lieberman’s intro about the hurricane came across as a little cliched and insincere.

9:42 CDT: [Sean] Joe: “My friends…”

9:39 CDT: [Sean] Joe looks resplendent.

9:37 CDT: [Sean] We’re starting a new thread for Joe Lieberman and the night’s recap.