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Six Quick Things

1. Election days are really boring.

2. Taken in a vacuum, newspaper reports about turnout would have me feeling pretty upbeat about Martha Coakley’s chances.

3. Taken in a vacuum, insider buzz (including buzz about mood at Coakley HQ) would have me feeling completely despondent about Coakley’s chances.

4. Bookmark this post from Swing State Project, which provides detail on benchmarks that Coakley/Brown need to hit in every city in the Commonwealth.

5. Rasmussen will have some sort of quasi- exit poll survey thing out at 8 PM. I’m happy that they’re doing this, since the regular exit polling firms didn’t get their shit together in time to survey this race, but I’d interpret the topline results with extreme caution for a number of reasons.

6. We’re going to handle tonight like we did the November 2009 election, which means twitter for quick-react kind of stuff and the main blog for slightly longer items.

Nate Silver is the founder and editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.