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Significant Digits For Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017

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46 percent

Percentage of self-identified Republicans (including people who “lean” Republican) who “have mixed feelings about” how President Trump conducts himself in office. That’s on top of 19 percent of Republicans who simply “don’t like” his conduct. [Pew Research Center]

51.88 inches

Rainfall accumulation (as of Tuesday) at Cedar Bayou near Mont Belvieu, Texas, due to Hurricane Harvey — the new, preliminary tropical cyclone rainfall record for the contiguous United States. [National Weather Service]

76 percent

Percentage of the roughly 215,000 students in the Houston public school system — the seventh largest system in the nation — who come from economically disadvantaged homes. The start of Houston’s public school year has already been delayed, and Harvey’s legacy will be a major, long-lasting issue for the district. [U.S. News & World Report]


The Golden State Warriors are really, really good — like, have flirted with perfection good. As such, the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas has them at 1-1,000 odds to make the NBA playoffs, meaning you would have to bet $100,000 to win $100 from the bookie. [ESPN]

135,335 test subjects

A study published in The Lancet backs up my pre-existing ideas about the dangers of a high carbohydrate diet. So, I’m including the study in my newsletter despite the deep skepticism you should apply to all new nutrition studies. Indeed, the study was conducted with food frequency questionnaires, which have a lot of limitations. (Quick! How many cups of ribs did you eat last week?) But the study did feature 135,335 people, which is a lot, and they found that eating a ton of carbs was associated with an increased risk of mortality. [The Lancet, via The Week]

847 million subscribers

A Goldman Sachs projection shows the future of the streaming music business looking rosy, projecting 847 million paid streaming subscribers worldwide by 2030. That would be up by more than 700 million from 2016. Global streaming revenues were at $4.56 billion in 2016, and Goldman sees them hitting $28 billion by 2030. [Music Business Worldwide]

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