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Significant Digits For Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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4 hours and 3 minutes

Caitlyn Jenner, who formerly went by Bruce, smashed President Obama’s record for the shortest time to gain 1 million followers on Twitter after debuting a new account Monday. [Associated Press]

13 gallons

Measuring the water debt incurred by various foodstuffs is all the rage these days, what with California’s dual status as a producer of lots of our food and the site of a historic and devastating drought. But the real question on all of our minds — well, mine at least — is how to ethically get drunk in such trying times. The answer is wine, which has a “water footprint” of 13 gallons per glass. That is less than the 14.5-gallon footprint of a bottle of beer. [Mother Jones]


Estimated cost added per minute when a plane stands idle at the boarding gate, according to researchers from Northern Illinois University. This summer, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines are experimenting with new boarding procedures designed to cut down on time squandered at the gate. [Associated Press]

57 percent

Hawkish U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has entered the 2016 race for the GOP presidential nomination. Since 2013, more Republican voters have come to share Graham’s worldview: According to recent polling, 57 percent believe that U.S. anti-terrorism policies do not go far enough in protecting the country, up from 38 percent two years ago. [FiveThirtyEight]

More than 60 percent

The share of the Iranian population that is younger than 40, a group of people who appear to be more interested in change for their nation than their elders. Young people in Iran are engaged in a “silent movement” that is “defined by a style of life rather than politics,” according to the foreign editor of the Financial Times. [The Takeaway]

67 out of 70

The Transportation Security Administration is laughably incompetent when it comes to what amounts to basically its only job, failing 67 out of 70 times to catch undercover investigators smuggling imitation explosives and weapons through security checkpoints. [ABC News]

More than 490 minutes

The amount of time that people spend each day with media, primarily television, according to a new report. The Internet saw the largest growth over the past five years, with people, on average, doubling the time they spend online. [Quartz]

125 million copies

Guess what, America: “Fifty Shades of Grey” is back. Author E L James has a new offering for the series titled “Grey.” Barring an unforeseen kink in the plans, it will come out June 18. So far, 125 million copies of the books in the trilogy have been sold. [Variety]

$17 billion

The amount of money in the reserves of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund, which is relatively flush after years without a hurricane in the state. This year’s hurricane season, which began June 1, is predicted to have fewer storms than normal. [Reuters]

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