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Significant Digits For Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018

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12 resignations

There have been 12 resignations in the 115th Congress, mostly people who received jobs in the Trump administration or have been drummed out of office due to sexual misconduct allegations. It’s been 117 years since the number of resignations has been this high through this point in the congressional session. [FiveThirtyEight]

23 percent

The total number of slot machines in Las Vegas is down 23 percent from its peak in 2001, partially because slot gambling never really clicked with younger generations. But the casino business derives the majority of its revenue from the machines, so it’s looking into ways to get millennials interested in slots. One strategy: skill-based slot machines, where players still gamble but can gain an edge through some dexterity. [Bloomberg]

193 meals

That’s the average number of times that Americans aged 65 and older went out to eat in 2014. It used to be early bird specials — discounted meals for middle class retirees at an off-peak hour — that targeted that demographic, but the early bird is on the way out. Now, 63 percent of those seniors’ meals out are at fast food restaurants. The erosion of the middle class has the weirdest casualties. [Eater]


In what I’m pretty sure is just NASA seeing how much they can mess with us, a “super blue blood moon” will occur this Wednesday. The moon — best known for orbiting earth — has not been blue (the second full moon in a month), super (pretty close to earth, all things considered), and blood (it’s a total lunar eclipse, just call it a total lunar eclipse) all at the same time since 1866. Neat, if you can see it. [Bloomberg Pursuits]

$117 million

Hollywood is getting some serious competition from Bollywood, India’s film industry, in the Chinese market. Right now “Secret Superstar,” a Hindi-language film, is crushing it at the box office, outdrawing even “The Last Jedi,” with an anticipated gross of $117 million in China. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

$21 billion

In a deal worth around $21 billion, JAB Holding Co. (the owner of Keurig) will purchase Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. The combined company will be called Keurig Dr Pepper, which I’m sure had local dermatologist Pepper Keurig, MD breathing a sigh of relief. [Reuters]

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