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Significant Digits For Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017

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Several extremely distressed turkeys

The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the Yellville Turkey Trot to see whether it complied with federal regulations after objects were launched from low-flying aircraft during the event. The specific objects in question were turkeys hurled out of the plane for entertainment. [Kansas City Star]

3 African-American CEOs

Kenneth Chenault’s announced retirement in February from the chief executive position at American Express will reduce the number of African-American CEOs at Fortune 500 companies by 25 percent, down to three. [The Wall Street Journal]

8 networks and studios

Nielsen’s Subscription Video On Demand Content Ratings — which claim to assign previously impossible-to-determine numbers to streaming video performance on services like Netflix — has had eight networks and production studios (A&E Networks, Lions Gate, NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. among them) sign up. Netflix, which enjoys its current status as a black box, says Nielsen’s numbers aren’t accurate. [Bloomberg]

25 percent

Maybe houses are getting bigger, maybe lots are getting smaller, but houses built since 2015 occupy, on average, 25 percent of the land they were built on. That figure was only 13.9 percent in 1975. [Trulia]

32 percent

Percentage of kids who said they preferred watching videos on a non-television device in 2016, according to researcher EMarketer, potentially one component fuelling the rise of YouTube’s kid influencer channels. The channels show children evaluating toys, often receiving generous compensation from toymakers in exchange. The holidays are coming up — one of the busiest times of the year for toy sellers and now YouTube influencers. [Bloomberg]

$5 billion

How much G.E. spent on research and development last year, with centers in New York state, Bangalore, Shanghai, Munich and Rio de Janeiro. The company is shutting down the last three research centers as part of a series of global changes for the conglomerate under new management. [The Wall Street Journal]

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