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Significant Digits For Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the numbers tucked inside the news.

47 percent

In the first 11 days of the open enrollment period, Americans signed up for 1.5 million health plans on That’s a 47 percent increase over a similar period last year. Enrollment in Obamacare ends after 45 days, less time than last year by half. [Bloomberg]

24 years

The Vans Warped Tour will come to an end in 2018, with its 24th tour to be its last. The punk show is the last major traveling music festival still running. [Billboard]

61.6 percent

Australia’s national postal survey on same-sex marriage delivered a decisive 61.6 percent win in favor of marriage equality. The survey wasn’t tied to the enactment of any policy, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that parliament must commit to achieve the social reform by Christmas. [The Guardian]

$450.3 million

“Salvator Mundi” by Leonardo da Vinci sold at Christie’s for $450.3 million. That beats the previous record for the most expensive piece of art sold at auction by a considerable amount, a Picasso that went for $179.4 million in 2015. The marketing campaign that Christie’s mounted was extraordinary by art standards. It’s the only known painting by da Vinci still in a private collection. [The New York Times]

$860 million

Bloomberg has slashed its estimate of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s net worth from $3 billion to a measly $860 million. A Forbes investigation found that Ross may have been overstating his fortune to the press for some time to compounding effect. I’m sending thoughts and prayers to Ross’s recently lost third comma. [Bloomberg]

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Walt Hickey was FiveThirtyEight’s chief culture writer.