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Significant Digits For Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016

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6 terms

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has lost his job as the sheriff of Maricopa County after six terms on the job. He’ll be in court in December to face criminal charges for ignoring orders to prevent his staff from racial profiling. [Los Angeles Times]


Number of pieces from David Bowie’s art collection up for auction today. [Digg]

62 percent

We will be figuring out the many reasons Hillary Clinton did not win the presidency for quite some time, but it’s already clear there are some demographic groups she didn’t court. According to exit polls, she lost white women without a college degree 62 percent to 34 percent. [FiveThirtyEight]

79 percent

Percentage of D.C. residents who voted in favor of a ballot measure that would support making the District a state, with a small federally-administered district in the middle housing congress and the White House. A petition will now go to Congress. [NPR]


General Motors announced it will cut shifts and lay off 2,000 workers in Ohio and Michigan in the first quarter of next year. [MarketWatch]

59.7 million

After more than a day of counting, it appears that Hillary Clinton will win the national popular vote. With some votes still coming in, she has around 59.9 million votes to Donald Trump’s 59.7 million as of right now. [New York Times]

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