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Significant Digits For Thursday, June 27, 2019

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the numbers tucked inside the news. Your regular Significant Digits host, Oliver Roeder, is out, so Erin Doherty, FiveThirtyEight’s politics intern, will be taking over for part of this week. (Don’t worry, Oliver will be back.) In the meantime, got a significant digit? Send it along to @erin_dohh.

$4.6 billion

The Senate on Wednesday approved a measure that would send $4.6 billion in humanitarian aid to the United States-Mexico border, rejecting rules on how the money could be spent put forth in a $4.5 billion measure passed Tuesday by the House. Congress has until the end of the week to reconcile the House and Senate versions, before the weeklong Independence Day recess. [The New York Times]

About 100 Google employees

Days before this weekend’s San Francisco Pride parade, nearly 100 Google employees are putting pressure on the parade’s organizers to remove their own company from the celebration. The employees have criticized Google’s response to homophobic and racist jokes made by a conservative comedian on YouTube, which is owned by Google. The staff circulated a petition after learning that a compromise plan — in which they would protest while marching in Google’s parade contingent — would violate the company’s code of conduct. [Bloomberg]

$36 million

In the week since announcing his reelection campaign, President Trump has raised $36 million, double what Bernie Sanders, who led the Democratic field in fundraising totals, raised during the first quarter of fundraising. Trump raised $6 million on Tuesday at an event at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., with 225 people in attendance. [CNBC]

12 lives

After a decade of saving lives, assisting in rescue operations and stealing hearts, Frida, the beloved Mexican rescue dog, is exchanging her doggy boots and goggles for toys as she cruises into retirement. Throughout her 10-year career, she assisted with rescue operations during multiple natural disasters, including the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and the 2016 earthquake in Ecuador. According to The Associated Press, she is credited with finding 12 people alive and recovering at least 41 bodies throughout her service. [The Washington Post]

100 kilograms

A Baltimore postal carrier, William McRae, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute 100 kilograms of marijuana along his mail route for the past year. McRae was paid in cash and, well, marijuana to deliver the drugs as directed by his co-defendant, Michael Gray, who was sending the packages from California. Authorities became suspicious of McRae in November 2017 after they seized three suspicious packages from the mail carrier’s route. [CNN]

23 percent

For the first time ever, more electricity in the U.S. came from renewable sources, such as solar and wind, than coal during the month of April. Nearly a quarter, 23 percent, of energy came from renewable sources compared with the 20 percent that came from coal, according to the Energy Information Administration. [The Guardian]

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If you see a significant digit in the wild, please send it to @erin_dohh (for now).

Erin Doherty was a politics intern for FiveThirtyEight.