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Significant Digits For Thursday, July 28, 2016

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Number of years worth of tax returns Donald Trump will release, according to an announcement from his campaign chief Paul Manafort. This is highly unusual, as presidential nominees and their vice presidents typically make several recent tax returns available. [The Hill]

22 percentage points

It’s looking like Donald Trump is pushing Catholics into the Democratic party. Catholics who attend mass weekly — a group that slightly supported Mitt Romney in June 2012 — have shifted 22 points leftward in June 2016, and now support Hillary Clinton in greater numbers than even Catholics who attend mass less than weekly. [FiveThirtyEight]

35 years

John Hinckley Jr. — who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan — has spent the past 35 years in a mental institution. He’s made substantial progress since: He spends 17 days per month with his mother in Williamsburg, Virginia, and has convalesced to the point that a federal judge has granted him his freedom. He’ll be allowed to remain free provided he follows several restrictions, including no travel to areas where the president or members of congress will be. [NPR]

37 percent

On Tuesday, for the first time, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had identical favorability ratings according to Gallup’s tracking poll: 37 percent. [Gallup]

Relevant weeklong sidebar: It’s the Democratic National Convention! FiveThirtyEight has sent its crack political team — and also for some inexplicable reason me — to Philly, known to Giants fans like me as a seething hellmouth, to cover the events. FiveThirtyEight has its own show on ABC News Digital at 5 p.m. ET each evening of the convention, so tune in to that! I’ll be on the stream later on in the evening, so watch that too.

$3 million

A man who won $3 million in the Georgia lottery in 2015 made the sensible choice to invest those gains. Unfortunately, he made the deeply bad choice of investing those gains into a crystal meth business, according to prosecutors. [The New York Times]

175 million

Approximate number of SoundCloud users, a base of fans that has not been easy to parlay into a revenue model. The owners of the company are kicking the tires on a sale that would value the company at $1 billion. [Bloomberg]

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