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Significant Digits For Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017

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4.1 percent

Percentage of American adults who identify as LGBT, an estimated 10,052,000 people. That’s an increase from 2012, which, as a reminder, was also the year after the ban on gays and lesbians serving in the military was lifted, the year when being transgender was declassified as a mental illness, and three years before same-sex marriage was recognized nationwide. [Gallup]


In the early hours of Thursday morning, the Senate voted 51-48 on a budget measure that will make it easier to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Republicans don’t yet have a framework for what could replace Obamacare, but thanks to the passage of the measure it will take a simple majority to overturn the law. [The Associated Press]

55 years

The San Diego Chargers plan to announce they will move to Los Angeles, a city where NFL viewership literally dropped after the St. Louis Rams moved there last year. Listen, after watching “La La Land,” I totally get the urge to move to sunny Los Angeles and get away from this miserable city. But that happy disposition wears off in an hour, maybe two, and it’s no reason to move our football team after 55 years in San Diego. [ESPN]


Municipal billing records indicate cities have invoiced the Trump campaign for at least $204,000 in unpaid bills for police protection provided over the course of the campaign. The Clinton campaign owes at least $25,000. [The Center for Public Integrity]

$425 million

Trello Inc., which makes collaborative productivity software to help with project management, was acquired by Atlassian Corp. for $425 million. [The Wall Street Journal]

$2 billion

In a news conference Wednesday, Donald Trump said he would turn over control of his businesses to his sons but not sell them. He also said that just this past weekend, he had turned down a $2 billion development deal in Dubai. Trump said his company won’t make any new foreign deals while he is president but could still entertain domestic offers if they pass a vetting process. [Reuters]

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