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Significant Digits For Monday, Sept. 19, 2016

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5 consecutive Emmys

Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Sunday evening won her fifth consecutive Emmy Award for best actress in a comedy for playing Selina Meyer on “Veep.” Over a long career excelling in a rare variety of roles, Louis-Dreyfus is already one of the most accomplished actresses in the history of television. [FiveThirtyEight]

15 percent

When you look back on the styles of the summer of 2016, do you think “cargo shorts?” Maybe you should; 15 percent of new shorts styles that went up for sale at online retailers were of the cargo-short variety, up from 11 percent in 2015. At this rate, by 2037 more than 100 percent of all new shorts will be cargo shorts, so now is the time to panic. [Bloomberg]

33 episodes

Netflix announced it will cancel “Bloodline” after its third season. One likely contributing factor is that Netflix spent a fortune on the show — Vulture estimates the three seasons will cost a quarter billion, give or take — and the company is interested in developing other properties that could gather awards. Sidebar: Congratulations to Ben Mendelsohn of “Bloodline,” who won the only acting Emmy award — Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series — for Netflix last night. Sorry that your show got cancelled, and I’m sure that “House of Cards” will finally deliver for Netflix next year. [Vulture]

49 percent

The bottom 49 percent of smartphone users download zero apps on average per month. The top 13 percent of users account for half of all app downloads in a month. If that information sounded boring, try rereading the sentences in the voice of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — that usually does it for me. [Recode]


Lady Gaga has signed on to anchor the halftime entertainment of this season’s Super Bowl LI. “LI,” of course, is Latin for “51” and New Yorker for “I’m swiping left, he lives in freaking Nassau county.” [Us Weekly]

700 friends

An 18-year-old in Austria is pursuing justice where no one before her dared: Her parents posted a bunch of photos of her as a young child to Facebook, sharing them with 700 friends, and she’s suing the shameless oversharers. She claims she has the legal right to control how her body is represented on the internet. [Fusion]

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