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Significant Digits For Monday, Oct. 10, 2016

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2 states

Vermont became the second state, after South Dakota, to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. Columbus Day — the holiday so toxic that it is singlehandedly responsible for the worst episode of “The Sopranos” — is today, so if you’re off work, consider this one a freebie Significant Digits. [NBC 5]

18 percent

As of Sunday evening, that’s the percentage of elected GOP governors and members of Congress who were not supporting presidential nominee Donald Trump. The majority of them withdrew their support this weekend, following the publication of a video of Trump where he was caught making lewd comments about women and apparently condoning sexual assault. [@Taniel, The Washington Post]


A 12-year-old Spanish boy mistakenly spent $112,000 on Google AdWords promoting his band. The search giant forgave the debt. [The Guardian]


Number of ballots already cast in jurisdictions that allow early voting, according to the United States Elections Project. If last night’s debate stressed you out — regardless of which side you’re on — you can sleep tight knowing it was utterly meaningless for more than 400,000 potentially decisive ballots. []

$131.6 million

Amount spent by Hillary Clinton’s campaign so far on television advertising, compared with $25.7 million by the Trump camp. The campaigns have spent less so far than the 2012 nominees had shelled out at this point, even if you account for super PAC spending. [Bloomberg]

$4 billion to $6 billion

Economic impact of Hurricane Matthew as derived from insured property damage, according to consulting firm CoreLogic. [USA Today]

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