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Significant Digits For Monday, Nov. 21, 2016

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At least something is normal this year: Congratulations to the Cleveland Browns, now 0-11, who were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention with a loss on Sunday. Based on their chances in their remaining games, the Browns have an outside shot at going completely defeated. This is your 2016 #GPODAWUND. [CBS Sports]

4th term

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Sunday her intention to pursue, next year, a fourth term as the German head of state. [NPR]


Massive news out of Canada: The Ottawa Redblacks defeated the Edmonton Eskimos 35-23 and will advance to battle the Calgary Stampeders for the Grey Cup next week in Toronto. If you did not understand the previous sentence, it had to do with the Canadian Football League’s championship. Anyway, don’t worry about it; I hope you have a very good Thanksgiving this Thursday. [The Associated Press]


Cost for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for one presidential visit to New York City. With Donald Trump reportedly planning to make Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan his weekend White House, New York is staring at regular, profound gridlock. [The Washington Post]

$25 million

Trump agreed to settle a number of lawsuits related to Trump University, the failed for-profit college, for an eye-popping $25 million. Based on what former employees said under oath, the venture “used high-pressure sales tactics and employed unqualified instructors.” Two federal class action lawsuits and a suit brought by New York’s attorney general will end as part of the settlement. [The New York Times]

£369 million

Cost of renovating Buckingham Palace. (That’s nearly $460 million.) The U.K. government agreed to fund the repairs lest the landmark suffer “catastrophic building failure.” The renovations will take place over 10 years. [The Guardian]

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