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Significant Digits For Monday, March 2, 2015

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2 missiles

North Korea launched 2 missiles into the ocean over the weekend because it was ticked about U.S.-South Korea war games. [AP]

14 seconds

Ronda Rousey defeated Cat Zingano in a mere 14 seconds at UFC 184, setting a new record for the fastest match in the fighting league. [AP]

21 retired numbers

The New York Yankees retire a lot of players’ jersey numbers: 18 so far, with three more to come soon. While they won’t ever run out of numbers, it’s still going to be kind of inconvenient to get triple digits on a uniform. [The New York Times]

63 percent

Percentage of millennial-age Republicans who support the legalization of marijuana. That’s less than the 77 percent of millennial Democrats who support legal weed, but still high compared to other age groups within the GOP. [The Washington Post]


Amount of government funds allegedly used by Rep. Aaron Schock of Illinois to pay for a private flight to a Minnesota Vikings-Chicago Bears game in November. Schock is under scrutiny for allegedly spending taxpayer funds for personal uses. [Chicago Sun-Times]

13,000 workers

Number of employees of Aetna, the heath insurance giant, who have taken the company’s free yoga classes. [The New York Times]

38,660 pounds

Quantity of retail marijuana sold in the first year of legalization in Colorado, in addition to 109,578 pounds of medical marijuana. [The Hill]

40,000 years ago

Approximately when the Neanderthals disappeared from Europe. New evidence suggests that Homo sapiens sapiens was aided by trained wolves, the ancestors of modern dogs, in conquering them. This would place the domestication of dogs — man’s greatest achievement, let’s be real here — a lot earlier that previously thought. [The Guardian]

50,000 marchers

Approximate turnout to demonstrations in Moscow in support of recently killed opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. [The New York Times]

$14.3 billion

Amount of unpaid child support in 2011 in the U.S. alone. [FiveThirtyEight]

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