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Significant Digits For Monday, June 27, 2016

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the telling numbers tucked inside the news.

4 concept stores

Barnes & Noble is testing out selling booze in its bookstores at four concept locations around the country. The company is sticking to beer and wine, but there’s nothing in the article about sneaking your own liquor in so I think my Tuesday night plans will remain intact no matter what they go with. [CNN]

4 finals

Chile defeated Argentina in the Copa America finals, the fourth consecutive international finals loss for Lionel Messi. Following the game, Messi announced his retirement from international play, and other Argentinian players did (or threatened to do) the same. [Yahoo]

6 weeks

This past Friday, with six weeks to go until the 2016 Summer Olympics, the World Anti-Doping Agency suspended the Rio anti-doping lab for being out of line with international standards. [The Wall Street Journal]

310 calories

The Mac n’ Cheetos hits select Burger King locations today. They cost $2.49, have 310 calories in a serving, and are basically a mozzarella stick, only instead of the cheese it’s macaroni and cheese, and instead of the breading it’s Cheeto dust, and instead of the marinara sauce it’s ranch dressing seasoned with irrevocable loss of self-regard. [The Washington Post]

H.B. 1547

New Hampshire called into question its status as the “live free or die” state Friday when Gov. Maggie Hassan signed H.B. 1547, a bill finally banning sex with animals. Bestiality is still somehow legal in nine states and D.C., bringing up the question of who on earth is lobbying for it and why are they this powerful? Moreover, the press release calls sex with animals “disturbing and prevalent issue” in New Hampshire: Precisely how prevalent is it to warrant that level of alarm? [The Humane Society]

11 million

Number of U.S. renters who spent at least half their pay check on rent in 2014. [CNN Money]

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