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Significant Digits for Monday, June 22, 2015

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13 percent

That’s the percentage of the “facial aesthetic market” — Botox and whatnot — represented by men. Several companies are gunning for the “Brotox” market, trying to dial that share up a little higher. [Bloomberg]

15 percent

Municipal recycling is in a bit of a crisis at the moment, with a number of factors coming together that make it harder for companies to make a profit. Falling oil prices means that commodities prices are going down in general, and the decline in newspaper sales has also made a dent in profits. The one thing going right for recyclers is cardboard shipping boxes, which in the age of Amazon can account for 15 percent of a city’s recycling. [The Washington Post]

38 percent drop

Deaths from coronary heart disease are down 38 percent from 2003 to 2013, a result of declines in smoking, better cholesterol and blood pressure management, and superior treatments. Emergency room treatment for heart attacks has benefited from the use of data. [The New York Times]

More than 50 giant stones

Stonehenge may actually be way bigger than originally believed. Archaeologists using radar have located all sorts of huts and burial mounds, but have also found another monument consisting of upwards of 50 giant stones arranged around Stonehenge. [io9]

90 percent

A new cancer treatment that involves the removal, genetic engineering and subsequent reinsertion of T cells in the bloodstream has been making waves: According to the early results, 90 percent of patients treated with the method whose acute lymphoblastic leukemia had returned and had resisted other drugs went into remission. The usual rate is less than 10 percent. [MIT Technology Review]

100 mph

Jake Lloyd, who won the audition to play Anakin Skywalker in “The Phantom Menace” but lost all semblance of a life and career after that, was arrested on suspicion of reckless driving. Police say he was speeding more than a hundred miles per hour during a chase in South Carolina. [WPTV]

5,424 signatures

Etsy banned the sale of spells and metaphysical goods, meaning that sellers can no longer peddle magic stuff on the Internet retailer. Keep it in Diagon Alley, people. At the time of publication, 5,424 people — presumably mostly wizards and affiliated magical retailers — had signed a petition asking Etsy to reverse its decision to ban magic. [The Petition Site, via The Verge]


Someone stole £12,000 worth of cookies from a factory in Wales. Monsters. [BBC]

60,000 documents

WikiLeaks is dumping a big pile of documents that reportedly pertain to the internal dealings of Saudi Arabia. [The Independent]

$102 million

“Jurassic World” is the second film to make more than $100 million in two separate weekends, pulling in $102 million this past weekend. [Variety]

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