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Significant Digits for Monday, Jan. 11, 2016

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<1 second

Fans who stormed the court after the University of Sioux Falls women’s basketball team seemingly won a game against Winona State with a buzzer-beating 3-pointer caused a technical foul that led to Winona State winning with mere tenths of a second on the clock. [USA Today]

3 Golden Globes

Sunday night at the Golden Globes, “The Revenant” won awards for best drama, best actor in a drama (Leonardo DiCaprio) and best director (Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu). [The Washington Post]

11 games

The NHL will look into a new way for fans to vote on the roster for the annual All-Star Game after an Internet poll led to John Scott of the Arizona Coyotes being designated a captain. Scott is a veteran enforcer — that’s the term for a hockey player who is good at punching other hockey players over other skills associated with the game — and has appeared in only 11 games this year. The Internet is great. [CBS Sports]

18 percent

After a wild-card playoff weekend in which every home team lost, that’s the probability that the favored Carolina Panthers will win the Super Bowl according to FiveThirtyEight’s forecast, followed by Arizona at 16 percent. [FiveThirtyEight]

34 percent

Percentage of Yahoo employees who think the company’s prospects are improving, according to Glassdoor. One employee said she was “praying to be laid off” so she could move on with her life. [The New York Times]

10 million

Reported number of paid subscribers to Apple Music, roughly half of what Spotify touted in June. [The Verge]

$1.3 billion

Despite 440 million tickets sold — a figure that mathematically gave us about a 77 percent chance of a winner — nobody won Saturday’s Powerball drawing. Wednesday’s drawing is currently estimated at a $1.3 billion jackpot as an annuity or $806 million as a cash value. [Powerball]

$2.1 billion

Estimated value of an NFL team that moves to Los Angeles, according to rough projections. That’s at least a half-billion higher than the valuation of the three bidders — the Rams, Raiders and Chargers — in their current cities. [CNBC]

39 trillion

There’s an old scientific myth floating around that bacterial cells outnumber human cells in a given person 10 to 1. It turns out that is far from realistic, but the actual answer is somehow more disturbing! A man who weighs 70 kilograms and is 1.7 meters tall contains about 30 trillion human cells and 39 trillion bacteria, according to a new study — a ratio closer to an Arnold Palmer than 10-to-1. [Nature]

David Bowie is dead at 69.

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