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Significant Digits For Monday, Feb. 6, 2017

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Preparation, skill and mental toughness all came together last night in an absolute stunner: I successfully made armadillo eggs for my Southwest-infused Super Bowl party, and they had just the right amount of kick without being too overpowering. Oh, also, the New England Patriots won. It was a nutty game. At one point the Pats were down 28-3 against the Atlanta Falcons. And for the first time in Super Bowl history, the game went into overtime. Not my first choice of outcomes, sure, but easily one of the most entertaining NFL games I’ve seen. Also, the key is a little MSG in the spice rub, which adds a savory element to the armadillo egg. [FiveThirtyEight]

25 points

It was really one for the record books: No team has come back from a Super Bowl deficit of more than 10 points, and Tom Brady proved — to my chagrin — that he’s the best quarterback ever. He had more completions, pass attempts and passing yards in a Super Bowl than anyone else, ever. His team ran the most-ever offensive plays in the championship. The Pats put together the biggest comeback — 25 points! — in a Super Bowl ever. It’s the most ridiculous achievement — ever. [ESPN]

2 options

In other news, Puerto Rico will hold a non-binding referendum on June 11 on whether to (a) go for statehood, or (b) pursue independence or free association. If option “a” wins, they’ll pursue statehood. If option “b” wins, Puerto Ricans will vote in October on a second referendum to choose between independence and free association. Also, we’ll get to call it the “Puerto Rexit,” so keep an eye on how this vote goes. [Associated Press]

5 moves

Hou Yifan, the top-ranked female chess player in the world, threw a game at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival to protest the “‘unbelievable and weird pairings’ that meant seven of her 10 opponents during the event were women.” Hou, a.k.a. the “Queen of Chess,” who recently left the women’s circuit to compete in mixed events, lost the game in just five moves. [NPR]

10 percent

Nordstrom Inc. has dropped Ivanka Trump’s brand for this season. The department-store chain said the move was due to poor sales — Nordstrom carries a ton of brands and each year cuts the worst-performing 10 percent. Nieman Marcus also appears to have dropped the brand. It’s possible boycotts of Trump family brands are having an effect. [Bloomberg, Racked]

65 years

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 65 years on the British throne today. They say it’s her “Sapphire Jubilee,” but I recommend you don’t call it that because it sounds like a “My Little Pony” character or a Pokemon edition and you’ll sound absolutely ridiculous. She’s the Queen; show some respect. [Business Insider]

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