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Significant Digits For Friday, Oct. 20, 2017

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3 percent

Apple shares dropped nearly 3 percent on reports that wireless carriers were not selling as many iPhone 8s as they had expected and claims in Taiwanese media that production on the phone had been cut by half. [Reuters, 9to5 Mac]

17 percent

Percentage of United Airlines revenue that comes from markets where low-cost carriers operate, one reason cited in the stock’s 17 percent tank this year. Airlines like Delta and American have seen 6 percent and 10 percent gains, respectively. Oh, hey, maybe — and I am just throwing this out there — a medical professional getting beaten up and forcibly removed from a flight wasn’t a brilliant business move either. [CNBC]

31 miles

Japan’s Selenological and Engineering Explorer found a 31-mile-long structurally sound chasm below the surface of the moon that could very well contain water or ice deposits. [The Guardian]

80 percent

Approximate percentage of Puerto Rico that remains without power, nearly a month after Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 20. President Trump yesterday gave himself a perfect “10” rating for his response to the hurricane. [Bloomberg]

11,000 people

Number of people employed by Ford, Holden and Toyota in 2013-2014 in Australia. After years of closures and layoffs, the automobile manufacturing business leaves Australia entirely after the last car rolls off the production line at a Holden factory in Elizabeth on Friday. [Bloomberg]

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