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Significant Digits For Friday, July 19, 2019

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The House voted 231-199 on Thursday to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour from $7.25 by the year 2025. However, the bill will run up against a major roadblock in the other chamber — Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tweeted that he was “not going to be taking that up in the Senate.” [The New York Times]


I have never before felt such kinship with nor sympathy for the former world No. 1 golfer David Duval, who strung together a triple bogey, a quadruple bogey and a near-record 14 on the seventh hole at Royal Portrush, on his way to a 91 in the first round of the British Open. Duval’s round also included multiple penalties for a shot with the wrong ball and losing two balls. [ESPN]

60.6 degrees

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced on Thursday that this June on planet Earth averaged 60.6 degrees. This finding accords with reports from NASA and others that placed last month as the hottest June on record — records that date back to 1880. The figure is about 1.7 degrees higher than the 20th-century average for June. [The Associated Press]

$105,000 bill

A woman accused of displaying a “catalog of aggressive, abusive and dangerous behavior” on a flight from England to Turkey last month has been sent a $105,000 bill by the British airline Jet2, a reflection of the costs it says it incurred. The woman reportedly tried to open the aircraft doors, had to be restrained and was arrested on suspicion of assault. Two Royal Air Force fighter jets were brought in to escort the commercial flight back to England. [CNN]

105 million users

Normally tight-lipped about its viewership data, Netflix announced that some 105 million of its users have watched at least one episode of its original series “Orange Is the New Black” — now in its seventh and final season — making it the service’s most viewed original program. Earlier this week, however, Netflix also reported its first quarterly loss of U.S. subscribers in eight years, sharply dropping its stock price. [Variety]

2 dozen terms

There are no more manholes in Berkeley, California. There are, however, maintenance holes. The Berkeley City Council unanimously passed an ordinance replacing more than two dozen terms in the municipal code with gender-neutral alternatives. For example, a “sportsman” is now a “hunter,” a “bondsman” is now a “bonds-person,” “manpower” is now “human effort,” and “fraternity” and “sorority” are now “collegiate Greek system residence.” [Los Angeles Times]

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SigDigs: July 19, 2019

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