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Sean = PocketNines

Hello. Let’s make this introduction official. Many of you may know me as PocketNines from posts over at DailyKos. I found myself on the front page a couple times for pointing out that the all-the-rage Slate delegate counter wasn’t accurately capturing the Blowout Principle of pledged delegate wins, and later for pointing out that the popular vote “one person, one vote” principle that is true in the general election is farcically distorted in party primaries.

A few weeks ago, anticipating the end of the primary season and the end to this delegate math madness, I decided I wanted to find some way to keep writing about the election season. This is clearly an election cycle for the ages.

As a delegate math writer at Kos, I couldn’t help but notice Poblano’s eye-popping work. Being no dummy (thanks, Mom!) I got a hold of Nate and basically said, hey you’re going to be super busy, a victim of your own success. Want some help? He seems to have said yes.


Now that he’s out in the open, I’ll give you a quick few details about me. I’m a JD, but I’ve worked for the Democratic Party as a campaign field staffer, worked briefly in state politics. I was once a salaried smartass writer, and that’s inevitably going to occasionally seep through my posts. I once taught the LSAT for Kaplan, and for me, a little slice of heaven is a day full of logic games. I also spend much of my time playing poker in Los Angeles, so if I post at odd hours, you’ll know why.

What I’m not – a statistician by trade, one of Nate’s baseball folks, or someone with a public profile outside of blogging. I’m definitely aware I’m a poor man’s Nate, and that’s no false modesty. Of course, he’d have a hard time finding someone on that level, so what’s the poor guy to do?

I’m honored to be helping out here, and it’s nice to be saying hello on this historic night. Thanks to Nate for inviting me over, and thanks for your kind words. If there are subjects you think need covering that would fit well on this site, don’t be shy!


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