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Say It to My Face Debate Liveblog #4

10:31 EDT: [Nate] Congratulations, President Obama.

10:30 EDT: [Sean] McCain’s final answer was strong, but it was: “I’m a humble servant of America like a long line of McCains, so hire me.” Obama’s is about policies to grow the economy and the middle class. As Nate says…

10:26 EDT: [Sean] McCain keeps saying Palin’s son has autism, but it’s Down’s Syndrome.

10:24 EDT: [Sean] John, Obama’s wife is named “Michelle.”

10:19 EDT: [Nate] McCain is treating this debate as though all the undecideds were Fox News viewers. Bet he’ll win the Luntz focus group, though!

10:17 EDT: [Sean] Who’s in charge of toweling off Roland Martin after this debate? He’s hitting that button like he’s fighting Mike Tyson at the end of Punch-Out.

10:15 EDT: [Sean] Obama’s answer to Nancy Reagan: “Just say no to cavalier sexual behavior?”

McCain State Headquarters, Colorado -