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Say It to My Face Debate Liveblog #1

8:56 EDT: [Sean] It is going to be really hard not to watch CNN HD. If only for this weird crowded set they have with 12 people jammed together like clowns in a car. And John King’s makeup.

8:50 EDT: [Sean] Oh yeah, guess where we went today? That’s right, West Virginia. Morgantown. Bet you didn’t see that coming. We saw Joe Biden last night in Marietta and we know Joe said “We’re gonna win West By-God Virginia!” Which the model is telling Joe. So we went. We’ll have a report tomorrow, and our report from Southeast Ohio will come after the debate tonight.

8:40 EDT: [Sean] So, what channel should we watch? We have options. Can’t decide between CNN with the reaction lines and C-Span. What should we use?

8:35 EDT: [Sean] Incidentally, we’re in Murtha’s “racist” district tonight. We’re staying with a guy — I’m not making this up — named “Sean Paul,” and he lives on “Li’l John” street. Well, technically it’s “Little John.”

8:29 EDT: [Sean] So the gauntlet is thrown down on all sides. Biden says, in my neighborhood you gotta say that stuff to my face. Obama says the same thing. Palin says “So we’ll see tonight if John McCain does that.” McCain actually said he would “kick [Obama’s] you know what” tonight. So much for the Republican expectations-setting memos.

8:25 EDT: [Sean] Maybe a decent time for a little housekeeping. I am overwhelmed with emails, and I get a fraction of what Nate gets, so if it takes us time to get back to some of our readers, we apologize.

We were thinking Nate’s model needs a name, as he did with PECOTA. Brett piped up with “CBAFOGM,” apparently short for “Click Brett’s Ads For Our Gas Money.” Nice, Brett. I see what you did there. Add your suggestions in comments.

8:22 EDT: [Sean] All right, baby, let’s do this thing. Brett and I were going to head to Hofstra tonight, but the model predicted we’d have a better time hanging out with a buddy of ours in Western PA. We have cold beers, unbelievable fall foliage and a full moon, 20 nights before America elects its next president. We’re in a fun and feisty mood tonight, so let’s have a great time.