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Presidential Debate Liveblog #3: Live From Oxford

8:56 CDT. [Nate] The gap in prep time is showing … you can tell the moments when Obama is going off script (hint: more ‘ums’ and ‘uhs’), but those moments aren’t occurring very often.

8:56 CDT: [Sean] Obama plays “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” card.

8:48 CDT. [Nate] The true wedge issue of 2008: tactics versus strategy.

8:45 CDT. [Nate] That clip of Obama telling McCain he was wrong will probably lead Morning Joe on Monday.

8:45 CDT: [Sean] Wow. And just as they started to bore Nate, Obama lays the smackdown. “You were wrong.” That’ll be played over and over after this is over.

Hope -

8:40 CDT. [Nate] This affair has been a little anticlimactic so far.

8:39 CDT: [Sean] Whoever had “Miss Congeniality” in the buzzword drinking contest, take another swig.

8:37 CDT:
[Nate] Both candidates’ ties are doing funny things on television, or at least the TV that I’m watching. Maybe that’s one of the things the candidates didn’t get to double-check given the curtailed prep time.

8:30 CDT: [Sean] Thirty minutes in and we’re not on foreign policy.

Kids for McCain -