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Politics Podcast: Which Party Are Latino Voters Choosing In 2022?

Last week, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced a national 15-week abortion ban, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer postponed a vote on the Respect for Marriage Act. In this installment of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, the crew discusses the strategies behind this proposal — and postponement — before the midterm elections.

The team also covers some original reporting on Colorado Republican congressional candidate Erik Aadland, who told voters in private that how he talks about the legitimacy of the 2020 election depends on whom he’s talking to.

Finally, Galen Druke speaks with Carlos Odio of Equis Research about the recent polling from The New York Times and Siena College on which party Latino voters are choosing in the upcoming midterm elections.

You can listen to the episode by clicking the “play” button in the audio player above or by downloading it in iTunes, the ESPN App or your favorite podcast platform. If you are new to podcasts, learn how to listen.

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Galen Druke is FiveThirtyEight’s podcast producer and reporter.

Sarah Frostenson is FiveThirtyEight’s former politics editor.

Monica Potts is a senior politics reporter at FiveThirtyEight.

Nathaniel Rakich is a senior editor and senior elections analyst at FiveThirtyEight.