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Politics Podcast: What To Watch For As States Draw New Congressional Maps

In his first six months in office, President Biden had the most stable presidential approval rating in history. His approval rating is still incredibly steady, but in recent weeks it has begun to decline. In this installment of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, the crew discusses why Biden’s approval rating is falling and how much Democrats should worry. They also check in on the results from the two recent primary elections in Ohio. Lastly, they announce the launch of FiveThirtyEight’s Redistricting Tracker and talk about the most important factors going into the congressional redistricting process.

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Galen Druke is FiveThirtyEight’s podcast producer and reporter.

Nate Silver is the founder and editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.

Sarah Frostenson is FiveThirtyEight’s former politics editor.

Nathaniel Rakich is a senior editor and senior elections analyst at FiveThirtyEight.