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Palin VP Rollout Liveblog

11:44 AM. I’m sorry, and the conservatives are welcome to chew me out on this in the comments, but I’ve concluded that this is a pick that looks better on paper than in practice. She’s charming and likable, but she’s about the furthest thing from what we conventionally understand to be “Presidential” as can be imagined.

11:35 AM. Another big question: how will SNL and Jay Leno react? That Palin has a fairly discernible accent will become part of her caricature.

11:32 AM. She definitely comes across as very grounded and normal. The question is: would Americans want their next-door-neighbor to be the Vice President?

11:29 AM. Great visual: Palin walking out with her daughter. Not-so-great visual: Palin embracing McCain and looking like his daughter.

11:21 AM. Wow, listen to how much McCain’s messaging has changed overnight. He’s now running as the Washington reformer/outsider again.

11:20 AM. Have to say, this is the most fired up I’ve seen a McCain crowd in a while.

11:17 AM. I’m having a couple of problems with my publishing platform this morning, but let’s try this anyway.

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