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Our New COVID-19 Podcast Helps You Know What To Trust In A World Of Uncertainty

When there is a gap in our knowledge, it’s only human for us to try to fill that void with information. So in the time of COVID-19, when there are so many unknowns, it’s easy to cling to scientific rumors and half-truths — how else are we going to satisfy our need for answers? But when the thing we thought was true turns out to just be someone’s best guess, it can feel like the facts of the crisis are changing all the time.

We at FiveThirtyEight want to help you make sense of this uncertainty. So we’re launching “Podcast-19: FiveThirtyEight on the Novel Coronavirus.” It’s … well, it’s a podcast! Each week, we’ll unravel scientific mysteries, hear from the experts and answer your questions. We’d love for you to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app! Click the links to do it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Are Coronavirus Antibody Tests Reliable?

Listen to the latest episode of the FiveThirtyEight PODCAST-19 on the Novel Coronavirus.

This week, we explore why COVID-19 is making some young people so sick. We also speak with Gigi Gronvall, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, about those new antibody tests that promise to tell you if you’ve had the novel coronavirus. Should you rush out to get one? And finally, we look at the antiviral drug Remdesivir, which may help patients recover more quickly from severe cases of COVID-19. Is it the wonder drug we’re all hoping for?

Do you have a question you’d like us to answer in a future episode? Email us a voice memo at

Anna Rothschild was FiveThirtyEight’s senior producer for video.

Jake Arlow is a former producer for FiveThirtyEight.