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On Stimulus, Democrats Beating GOP On Party Unity

There have already been 13 distinct votes on various amendments and elements related to the stimulus package; these are roll call votes numbers 37 through 49 in the Senate’s official record.

So far, Senate Democrats have voted in accordance with what we believe to be the administration’s position 97.4 percent of the time — or 98.1 percent of the time if the most common “Democratic” dissenter, Joe Lieberman, is excluded from the tally.

By contrast, the Republicans have voted against the administration’s position an average of 89.2 percent of the time. That’s fairly unified also, but the Democrats are nevertheless picking off an average of 4 Republican votes on each amendment, whereas the Republicans are getting an average of only 1 and 2 Democrats siding with them. That’s a net swing of 2 or 3 votes in the Democrats’ direction — possibly enough to get them to 60 votes when the final bill comes up for passage.

A graphic detailing the voting thus far follows in the body of the post.

Nate Silver founded and was the editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.