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A Note on Scheduling

Sorry for all the housekeeping; please note that we’re also looking for a NYC-based intern.

We are now expecting that FiveThirtyEight’s partnership with the New York Times will launch on or about August 16th. Tom, Ed, Renard, Hale and Andrew will continue to contribute as normal to the blog during the interim. However, in the interest of managing expectations, my posting schedule will be significantly reduced and will be highly irregular until then.

We do hope to have a Senate forecast update — which I know is overdue — out by the end of this week, and that it will be updated at more regular intervals going forward. There will probably be at least one other update to the pollster ratings between now and August. And as we’re developing our House and gubernatorial forecasting models, you’ll of course get a look at them.

However, my main responsibilities during this time will be to: (1) finish my damned book; (2) ensure sure the transition to the NYT is orderly and that we’ll have some really cool features to debut for you upon launch; (3) finish my damned book; (4) finish my damned book. Although I’ll still be posting, on average, a couple of times a week, my posts will tend to focus on the most essential issues while the rest of our contributors provide the additional breadth and depth that you’re used to.

I very much do appreciate your patience; just need to take this time to make sure that we’ll be able to kick butt in the stretch run to November, and that you’ll have a very good book to read when it comes out next year.

Nate Silver founded and was the editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.


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