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The Next Laura Ingraham?

After Nate announced that he was not, in fact, Chuck Todd, I’ve been thinking of dropping the semi-anonymity of just “Sean.” My full name is Sean Quinn, and I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Two classes behind Jake Tapper at Dartmouth, I walked across America for the meatier part of two years with a backpack and a journal, was a lead writer on several of the You Don’t Know Jack editions while living in Chicago (paid smartassery produces a reinforcing Pavlovian response). I’ve taught LSAT prep in Charlottesville, hold a JD from Virginia Law (FBI director Robert Mueller gave the commencement address on “integrity,” I kiddeth you not). I’m a certified Enneagram teacher in the Helen Palmer school, have played poker professionally for several years and have worked in Democratic campaign/party circles doing both field and research work, with most of that experience in beautiful Montana.

As a longtime amateur political observer/analyst and eventual activist, my blogging career was serendipitously launched by the unique delegate math circumstances of the Democratic primary, when posting at DailyKos under the pseudonym PocketNines. That’s where I encountered “Poblano.”

I’ll try to balance Nate’s baseball references with football and hockey ones, particularly when they involve my beloved St. Louis Blues or Dartmouth/Blue Lee Stempniak. Finally, I just want to say hello to any fellow members of Mr. Walker’s 1981 and 1982 Khoury League Bantam I/II U. City (MO) Warriors baseball team who might be reading this. Go Warriors! Down with the Cobras!


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