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New Podcast Jobs At ESPN: “30 for 30” And FiveThirtyEight

I’m very excited to share that ESPN is building a new podcasting unit to make “30 for 30” podcasts, and we’ve just posted five jobs for it. I’m going to be leading the effort, along with ESPN Films’ Libby Geist, Adam Neuhaus and Ryan Nantell. In addition, we’re hiring a full-time lead podcast producer for FiveThirtyEight (more on that below). All these positions are based in New York City.

30 for 30” has made some of the best documentaries around1, riveting sports stories that also manage to resonate with much larger lessons. And I’ve always thought podcasts could use a dose of the “30 for 30” ethos: Find a great story, and get out of the way.

If you’re interested in being part of the team that takes this approach to the podcast world, check out the listings. We have openings for:

And we’re not just looking for podcast/radio folks. We want talented journalists and writers and great co-workers. Even if your main background is in TV, or film or comedy, or whatever — if you love finding great characters and know how to string together a story, we want you. We’ll teach you how to make radio.

All of the jobs will overlap significantly. All of them will have a huge hand in shaping the sound and editorial approach. All of them will have the opportunity to report and host. Diversity, of all kinds, is a huge priority in filling these roles.

These are full-time jobs, with benefits and competitive salaries, based in New York City. The positions will last for 18 months, which is the amount of time we’ve given ourselves to make the first run of shows.

There’s more information in the listings, and everyone must formally apply online. But if you have questions, email us with “30 for 30 Podcasts Position” in the subject.

In addition to the “30 for 30” podcasts, there’s another really exciting development: We’re hiring a full-time podcast producer at FiveThirtyEight, as well2. (Unlike the 18-month positions above, this is a permanent position.) We’re looking for someone to nudge our existing shows along, as well as work with our reporters to turn their stories into audio, develop new shows, report, edit, mix, etc. This is a job for someone who can do it all. It is, technically, filling my existing job, but we’re very eager to find someone who can make it their own.

There’s no formal job posting, but suffice it to say we’re looking for someone with rich radio journalism experience, who can go from the field to the studio to meetings with sponsors to the depths of a freelance budget (exciting, I know). You’ll have plenty of support, from me and others, but you’ll also be expected to be the main engine in this little podcast train of ours.

Email us with “FiveThirtyEight Podcast Position” in the subject if you’re interested.

Okay, that’s that. Let’s make stuff.


  1. For what it’s worth, my favorites: “OJ,” “Two Escobars,” “No Crossover,” “The Best That Never Was,” “The Price of Gold”

  2. ”30 for 30” will, eventually, take up the bulk of my time. For now, as we build this team, I’ll be splitting my time between “30 for 30” and FiveThirtyEight. The FiveThirtyEight elections podcast is not going anywhere, at least as long as Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere.

Jody Avirgan hosts and produces podcasts for FiveThirtyEight.