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Listen To Planet Money Discuss The Secondary Sneaker Market

Last month, we took an in-depth look at the strange economics of the secondary sneaker market and the most data-crazed of all “sneakerheads,” Josh Luber. Luber founded Campless in 2012, essentially the Kelley Blue Book of sneakers.

On NPR’s “Planet Money” this week, our former colleague Lisa Chow talked to correspondent Robert Smith about the pricing intricacies of the secondary sneaker market and perhaps the most perplexing question of all: Why won’t Nike sell sneakers for what people are willing to pay on eBay? Check out the full article here, including “an animated graph of shoe returns over the years that you have GOT to see.” (Smith’s words, not mine, even though I made that kickass chart.)

Allison McCann is a former visual journalist for FiveThirtyEight.