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Saint Is Already A More Popular Baby Name Than North

After keeping the public waiting for two days, Kim Kardashian broke her silence Monday afternoon on the name of her son, her second child with Kanye West:

Kim and Kanye went for popularity this time, at least compared with the name they chose for their daughter, North, who was born in 2013.

According to the Social Security Administration’s database of baby names, 32 boys born last year were named Saint. That’s more than the 13 kids born last year who were named North. (The SSA reports names by sex; to be included in the data, a name must have been given at least five times. In 2013, for example, all 20 babies in the data set named North were male, and North West isn’t included.) Over time, too, “Saint” seems more popular than “North.”


Santos, the Spanish name meaning “saint,” is even more popular. About 235 babies in the U.S. were given that name last year.

North West could not immediately be reached for comment.

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