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Election Night Overview

Here are the seven races that we’ll be making at least some effort to track for you tonight:

Polling averages are from, except for CA-10 and Referendum 71 where there’s only one recent independent poll available and I’m just listing that verbatim. Our previews of the races can be found at the links below:
Maine Question 1
New Jersey
NY-23: (original; revised; re-revised)
Washington Referendum 71

Consider this your ‘homethread’ for the night. There will of course be frequent updates, although some of the shorter stuff I’m going to post to the sleeping giant that we call the 538 Twitter feed. You don’t have to go offsite to see the tweets as they’re also contained in the box in the top RH side of the page.

I will be on WNYC periodically throughout the night, and on Morning Meeting (MSNBC) again tomorrow from 9-11 AM.

Have fun and play nice — this is turning out to be a much more interesting election night than it looked like it would be even a few weeks ago.

Nate Silver founded and was the editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.